Waterbed Mattress Draining

EZDrain method (for mattresses with EZDrain feature)

Before you begin, unplug your waterbed heater.


Attach a hose connector to your garden hose. Walk the other end of the hose to a window, bathtub or anywhere LOWER than the mattress.


Unzip the cover and pull it back. Fold sides and corners down over foundation or pedestal.


Lift foam bolster and insert garden hose. Pop-up the EZ Drain valve and remove the cap and plug.


Secure the hose connector to the EZ Drain valve. Lower the waterbed mattress corner back into the cover to start draining.


Drain mattress until it is flat. If your mattress still feels heavy when you lift a corner, take the following steps.


Leave the hose connected. Open the upper valve and allow air to enter. Recap the valve after 30 seconds. Carefully grasp the vinyl and baffle material inside and lift the top 1/3 of your mattress. Keep mattress raised for about 30 seconds.


Lower and fold the drained portion of the waterbed mattress you have in your hands down on top of the middle of the mattress. Once drained, remove hose from EZ Drain valve, then re-plug and cap both valves.


Siphon Pump Draining Method

If you use a plastic siphon pump, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Before draining unplug your waterbed heater. Attach your faucet connector and siphon pump to your faucet. Attach hose to siphon pump. Make sure fittings are tight.


Securely attach the hose connector on the end of the hose to the waterbed mattress fill valve. Depress the valve into the mattress. With the "bell valve" in the "up" position, turn on the water to put more water in the mattress. This step pushes the air in your hose into your bed so you can create the continuous water siphon you need.


Once a steady stream of water is flowing, and no air bubbles remain in the hose, turn the "bell valve" to the down position, leaving the water flowing full blast. The water from your faucet flowing through the drain pump will suck the water from your bed. This will take from one to three hours, depending on water pressure, pump quality, hose quality, mattress size and style. Make sure all fittings are tight, so as to not allow air to get into the hose. Air must be cleared from the hose for the siphon to work.


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