Airbed Assembly Instructions

1 Unpack the Air bed box and lay out all components on the floor. Contents should include the following:
a) Mattress Cover
b) Foam Rails
c) InfinityÔAir Bed Inflator
d) Remote Control
e) Air Chamber Mattress(es)
     (1 for single, 2 for duals)
f) Convoluted Comfort Foam Mat
     (not included with reversible air beds)
g) Foundation Wood Base or coverlet (optional)
See Figure 1



2 Place mattress cover on a flat surface (box spring foundation of bed). Unzip the cover completely. Place the cover so that the ends with the exit hole on the underside are at the head of the bed. Position the foam rails. The end rails (the rounded edge rails) should be positioned first. The side with exit holes for the air bed hoses is the head rail; make sure this rail is at the head of the bed.



3 Unfold the air mattress(es) and place it flat inside the mattress cover and foam rails with the hose on the bottom and facing the head of the airbed. Run the air hose through the exit holes in the mattress cover and foam rail.



4 Unpack the InfinityÔ Air Inflator and place it on the floor at the head of the bed and plug into an electrical outlet. The InfinityÔ Air Inflator has two air outlet ports. The inflator should be positioned so that these ports are facing away from the bed. Take the hose from the air bed mattress and connect it to the air outlet of the air inflator by pressing the tip of the hose into the air outlet port and turn the ring counter-clockwise This will ensure a solid connection. You can now slide the inflator underneath the bed.



5 Inflate the airbeds mattress(es). Install the three AAA batteries (included) by removing the battery access door at the rear of the remote control and insert the batteries. Take the remote control and press one of the firm (5) buttons to inflate one air bed mattress. The indicator light on the control will illumate to indicate the inflator is activated. Repeat with the other air mattress. When you lie on the bed and press the firm(5) or the soft (6) button on the right hand side of the remote, the right hand matress will be activated.



6 Place the convoluted comfort foam mat on top of the airbeds mattress(es) with the convolute side up. (If you prefer, you may place convoluted comfort foam mat under the air mattress(es) instead of on top.) Position the cover back over the bed and zip it up. Use of a mattress pad is recommended to help keep your cover clean.

Note: Reversible air beds are not packed with a loose convoluted foam mat (as it is quilted into the mattress cover).



Your wireless remote control operates on three AAA batteries. When batteries need replacing, remove the battery access door and insert three new AAA batteries.






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